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    A.R.S. § 21-428

    Arizona Revised Statutes
    Title 21. Juries
     Chapter 4. Grand Juries
     Article 2. State Grand Jury
    § 21-428. Costs and expenses; state grand jury


    A. In addition to the fees and amounts stated in § 21-221, persons serving on a state grand jury shall be provided by the county in which the assignment judge is serving with reasonable per diem expenses as established by the supreme court.


    B. The costs and expenses incurred by a county arising out of or in connection with impaneling a state grand jury and for the performing of its functions and duties or arising out of the prosecution and trial of state grand jury indictments shall be paid for by the state out of monies appropriated to the supreme court for these purposes. The supreme court shall approve county requests for reimbursement after certification by the assignment judge that the amount requested is owed.


    C. All costs and expenses incurred by the attorney general arising out of the investigation, prosecution and trial of matters cognizable by a state grand jury are payable from monies appropriated to the attorney general for these purposes.